Marketing Study reveals useful data about TIFA District

Marketing Study reveals useful data about TIFA District

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI (12/6/17) –  Earlier this year, the City of Dearborn Heights Tax Increment Finance Authority  (TIFA) commissioned its consultants, WadeTrim Associates Inc., to provide an updated marketing analysis for the TIFA District and surrounding area.

Using the latest in statistical tools and analysis strategies, they built upon a previous marketing study TIFA commissioned back in 2005, before the economic recession.  Like most parts of the state and country, Dearborn Heights and the immediate surrounding area saw a number of changes over the past decade that were reflected in this new work.

“We want to provide a useful and meaningful tool to our businesses and those looking to invest in our TIFA District,” said TIFA Administrator Carmine Oliverio.  “We hope that especially those who own vacant buildings or land will see the opportunities identified in the study and be able to turn that information into successful ventures benefitting them, the residents and the City as a whole.”

Areas covered in the report include area demographics, consumer income and spending trends, analysis of the types of businesses needed (or currently over-supplied) in the market, economic projections for the future, and more.

Existing businesses trying to improve or expand, as well as commercial property owners wondering what type of business to attract to their sites, should find this study to be a significant help.

The full Retail Market Opportunities Analysis Update can be downloaded from the TIFA website under “Business & Investment Links” at