The Tax Increment Finance Authority was created on December 29, 1986.  Since then, many projects have been funded to help improve the quality of life for the residents of the District.  Some of these projects included district-wide waterline replacements, fire station improvements, the new police station & court house, the new JFK Library, just to name a few.  There is one thing in common, however, with all of these projects; the valuable time, effort and oversight spent by the members of the TIFA Board.

The TIFA Board usually meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month, as necessary, in the 2nd Floor TIFA Office (or in the 1st Floor Dowidait Room if necessary) at the Dearborn Heights Justice Center: 25637 Michigan Avenue.  (Notice posted on bulletin board at building entrance.)


Tim Emery, Chairman
William Davis
Richard Fetzer
Eleanor Gnatek
Hussein Houjaij
David Hull
Donald Killion
Lisa Korte
Tawnya Sterlini
Donald Willis
Cheryl Wojciechowski

Click on the following for adopted minutes of the indicated TIFA Board meetings: November 9, 2022 / September 14, 2022 / July 13, 2022 / May 11, 2022 / February 23, 2022/ August 11, 2021 / April 14, 2021 / January 13, 2021 / October 14, 2020 / August 19, 2020 / June 10, 2020 / February 12, 2020 / December 11, 2019 / September 11, 2019 / July 10, 2019

Next TIFA Board Meeting to be announced.

Next public information meeting (as required by PA 57 of 2018) to be announced.