The Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) Act (previously Act 450 of 1980, updated as Part 3 of Act 57 of 2018), provides communities with a unique tool to foster economic growth.  The Act is intended to allow local officials the means of addressing needs to attract and enhance local economic development.  CLICK HERE for some historical information on the TIFA Act.

TIFA District

The Tax Increment Finance Authority is focused on promoting and investing in the southwest portion of the City of Dearborn Heights.  For a larger image of the map, please click on the district map image below.


As part of the process to establish and manage a Tax Increment Finance Authority according to state law, the city put together a Development Plan and Finance Plan which states the goals and financial plans of the TIFA within its borders.

Dearborn Heights TIFA
Development Plan & Financial Plan – Westwood Development Area
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