TIFA assists cancer prevention at Fire Station #1

TIFA assists cancer prevention at Fire Station #1

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI (6/27/19) –  Over the last several months, Fire Station #1, located at the intersection of Telegraph Road and Annapolis Street in the TIFA District, received some necessary improvements thanks to funding from the Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA).  The most recent addition was the purchase and installation of a new Infrared Detox Chamber/Sauna.

Unlike a traditional sauna, the Detox Chamber uses infrared lights to cause users to sweat-out much of the cancer-causing toxins from fires that enter the body through the skin, while not dangerously increasing the body’s core temperature as can happen more easily in a traditional sauna.  The latest research shows significant benefits to the health of firefighters from this type of treatment.

“Cancer is one of the biggest threats we are facing in the fire service,” said Dearborn Heights Fire Chief David Brogan.  “After most fires, we can smell like smoke for several days.  This eliminates that and offers the best cancer preventative measures we can provide to our firefighters.”

A similar unit was also purchased by the city for the North-end fire station for use by the first responders stationed there.

Other projects at Fire Station #1 made possible over the years by the Dearborn Heights TIFA include building upgrades and various equipment purchases.