TIFA turns vacant lot into open greenspace

TIFA turns vacant lot into open greenspace

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI (2/16/21) –  Last year, the Dearborn Heights Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) completed a small but meaningful project.

Before clean-up of the site.

A lot on South Beech Daly Road, that had been gifted to TIFA by its previous owner a couple years ago, was vacant and overrun with overgrown trees, weeds and trash.  Not only had it become an eyesore for the neighborhood, but also a dangerous place where criminals could hide and people would dump their trash.

Thanks to funding from TIFA, all of the overgrown vegetation was removed from the site along with the unwanted debris.  The ground was then graded with only the mature trees remaining on a maintained green lawn.

“We are grateful to the previous owner who wanted to see the site in the hands of someone who would be able to maintain it according to standards that the residents deserve,” said TIFA Administrator Tom Rosco.  “Until such a time that the property may be put to a better commerical use – perhaps a small office building or other service beneficial to the neighborhood – TIFA will continue to maintian it along with our other properties.”

While it is still private property not for public use, the improved landscape is indeed a welcome sight for the neighborhood… another reminder that Dearborn Heights is a clean, beautiful city!

After clean-up of the site.